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First Annual International Puerto Rican Heritage Film Festival

The First Annual International Puerto Rican Heritage Film Festival acknowledges the founding presence & contributions of Puerto Ricans, as Latin@s, in Spanish (East) Harlem. It seeks to educate our audience on the richness of the Puerto Rican community; what Puerto Rican culture and identity is about and how it is expressed in every facet of life and the […]

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To Solve Obesity Problem, We Need To Start With The Children

I bet you’re thinking to yourself — enough already with the obesity topic! Well, there’s a reason I harp so much about obesity; it’s because, despite all that’s been written about obesity and its consequences, it’s getting worse. Obesity threatens not only our personal health, but the health of our society. The consequences of obesity […]

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Labor Day From The Eyes of Im[migrant] Children

By Victoria Cepeda Another Labor Day weekend has come and gone.  While the majority of us spent time with friends and families either at a BBQ, pool party, shopping for bargains, or going to the beach many in the U.S. continued their work shifts, without a choice, service & hospitality industry aside. There is no more truth to this fact than […]

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