Herman Cain’s Border Fence Talk Is No Joke: Video

by Efrain Nieves & Victoria Cepeda

Herman Cain’s solution to stop undocumented immigrants from crossing the U.S.-Mexico border is nothing short of ridiculous. It also proves, once again, how far out of touch the Republican party is towards Latino immigrants and a realistic comprehensive immigration reform policy.

Below you will find the video and transcript of Cain’s irresponsible policy proposal stated during a campaign stop at Cookeville, Tenn.

First, secure the border for real. It’s common sense. Part of [the solution] would have a real fence. Twenty feet high, with barbed wire – electrified – with a sign on the other side that says it can kill you. It’ll be in English and Spanish. Then I get criticized: ‘Mr. Cain, that’s insensitive,’” Cain said. “What do you mean insensitive? What’s insensitive is when they come to the United States across our border and kill our citizens and kill our border patrol people. That’s insensitive and I’m not worried about being insensitive to tell people to stop sneaking into America.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

In my opinion, Mr. Cain’s tone did not suggest any humor as he claims (latinorebels.com). In fact, he showed a sincere aggressive presence towards the immigration issue. Does Herman Cain realize that border crossing is at a all time low? “Arrests of illegal crossers along the Southwest border dropped more than two-thirds from 2000 to 2010, from 1.6 million to 448,000”? (Richard Marosi, Los Angeles Times).

Unfortunately Mr. Cain’s “humor” is reflective of the ongoing anti-Latino sentiment that throws all of us into the same bucket, regardless of how back-breaking the “illegal” jobs are and how much American employers profit from hiring illegals. In essence the work of the legal Latino immigrant, that for centuries have contributed to the progress of once dormant and defunct communities, is ignored and shoved aside in place of the more inciting, burdensome, murderer, drug trafficker and “leech” like portrayal of the illegal that comes to take away from America. However, we all know who the hypocrites are.


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4 Responses to “Herman Cain’s Border Fence Talk Is No Joke: Video”

  1. Thanks for the cross-link love.

  2. Herman Cain Doubles Down On Electrifying Immigrants! (10/17/11)

  3. Cain has never probably been to the Tex-Mex border.How the hell you gonna put a fence across Falcon Resevoir and across tribal land without a power land grab?Im tired of these morons thinking they know what goes on at the border yet never even been there.Congrats,Cain,you just pissed away the crucial latino vote,pendejo.

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