FBI: 66.6 Percent of Hate Crimes are Against Latinos

by Efrain Nieves

According to the Huffington Post “66.6% of victims of ethnically motivated hate crimes in 2010 were “targeted because of an anti-Hispanic bias” — the highest percentage of such victims in at least the past decade.” The article also suggest the number may be higher since undocumented immigrants are less likely to call police.

Unfortunately, Latinos have been the target of bias immigration laws such SB1070 and the most recent, Alabama’s HB56. These laws fuel the fire of racist groups such as the KKK, the minutemen and many other groups looking for excuses to target Latinos.

Political campaigns have also poured their share of instigation. For example, most recently, Herman Cain’s “plan” to stop border crossing included an electrical fence where he said would have sign stating “it can kill you.”

The media reports on murders where our people are the accused suspects. When will they start reporting on the hate crimes committed against our people? Let’s start demanding our politicians and media shed light to these crimes. Only then will the community take action.


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One Response to “FBI: 66.6 Percent of Hate Crimes are Against Latinos”

  1. Latina color me is a victim of Hate crimes towards Latinos in USA.Hate crimes towards Latinos is a free for all in America.I was 8 yrs old in 1964 when hate killed my brother and two cousins.I lived to tell but no one cares to listen to this day! Black and Whites young people have beat the “wetback spics” Party on weekends across America.They know no punishment will come.We must all stop the hate it is killing us all.PLEASE STOP THE HATE
    Crying Out loud since 1964!

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