Touch The Stars

By Yemy Hernandez

When are we truly heard ?
Only God knows .
We take everyday for granted.
We don’t open our eyes until the worst happens.
Why can’t we dance in the rain and forgive all that has hurt us?
Why can’t we take the time to watch the leaves fall?
Why are drugs and alcohol more important than school?

We sit in our rooms locked in the dark crying for help.
We walk with smiles to hide all the pain that we endure through out the day.
We all feel like small children that no one wants to care about.
Let’s scream until they hear us out.

Why do we have to be so scared ?
Lets stand up for our selves !
Lets go and make things right!
Lets fight for what we believe in !
We are the Generation that has fallen.
We must rise and make this world right for everyone to live.

We can chase our dreams.
We can succeed.
Even though we feel like we have no power, that we don’t have a voice.
We feel so useless.
No matter what they say to you, we are beautiful inside and out.
We can be someone to the world.

Take in the sun and float on the clouds.
Take your place amongst the star.
Believe in yourself.
The world is ours!
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3 Responses to “Touch The Stars”

  1. I think the answer to the “why” is that many have lost their way, not realizing what life is about – a quest to find God – and thus have no purpose in their lives.

  2. There should be no reason to fall . We have every inspiration within the streets we dwell. Wheather it is small or large. Everyone has a purpose. but thank you for your feed back :]

  3. I am proud of u.. Words of a wonderful young lady… very touching to my heart… god bless u now in the future. may u be prosperous in life…

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