Guardian Angel

by Yemy Hernandez

I’ll save you even if it sends me to heaven.
Its okay.
The world is changing and I’ll still stand by you.
I will never let you fall.
Don’t throw away the happiness that lives inside.
Don’t walk away because the fountain of youth you see within my eyes is still there.
No matter where life takes us.
There is no guarantee we will last forever but that doesn’t mean I wont be around you through out life.
I will always stand here beside you .
Maybe one day later in life we will be together.
Maybe someday we will thank each other for the memories.
Maybe some day we will look back and laugh.
I swore to I’d never fall apart.
You always told me I was stronger.
Truth is you have always been stronger than I have been.
Its impossible to find someone like you in a small world that is so corrupted with lies and pain.
One day we will realize we were just teenagers stuck in the moment .
One day we’ll see that not all promises are meant to be kept.
One day we will realize that all things that are well structured will crumble like cookies in a small child’s hand.
Life will get boring.
And I can’t tell you everything you want to hear because then it will be all lies .
It’ll be amazing to tell the world how things got this far.,
When the piano starts to play its keys so divinely, we must bow and dance swiftly.
There is no reason , no shame , no fear , no family that we can blame for all that we know is within our hearts.
There will always be a battle to live with one another until we realize we can’t always be there.
Where were you when everything was falling apart ?
I stood there by the telephone.
I was lost and insecure laying on the floor.
Your were a little late but it fairly okay.
No one knows who i am , who you are.
But we know who we want to be.
Don’t worry.
Everything will be alright.
Just dance until the song slows to a stop.
Remember you found me.
My guardian angel.

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One Response to “Guardian Angel”

  1. Nice poem/prayer, Yemi. Bien hecho.

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