The Social Media Influence of Martin Luther King Jr.

by Efrain Nieves

This weekend we decided to post on Facebook a blog written a year ago by Christina Saenz titled “What Martin Luther King Jr. Did for the Latino Civil Rights Movements.” Our close friends and acquaintances loved the blog and shared it. We never imagined it would reach The American Latino Museum,  Eva Longoria, Rosario Dawson, Kelly Washington and so many other people from all over the U.S.

On twitter alone the link reached over 250k people. The American Latino Museum copied and pasted the blog on their Facebook fan page wall referencing the link and Eva Longoria shared ALM’s wall post. That gave the blog a potential reach of close to 3 million people. Together, the blog had over 280 tweets and shares on Facebook.  All the feedback we received was 100 percent positive.

We are very excited  this information was seen through the eyes of so many influential Latinos. More importantly, the community learned how Martin Luther King Jr. was directly involved in the Latino Civil Rights Movement and not just an influence. It also shows the impact Martin Luther King  Jr.’s legacy has on Social Media.

This is a great example of how the potential to reach such a large community in Social Media can happen. The opportunities to reach people with important information via blogs  are endless and it can all happen with hard work, dedication and as Julio Ricardo Varela stated “A bit of luck and just being yourself.”

Thanks to everyone who has shared every blog we have written. We also like to thank Latinos in Social Media (#Latism), Latino Rebels, Pa’lante’s contributors past and present, Victoria Cepeda, Bernice Sosa-Izquierdo, Christina Saenz-Alcantara and Sasa Bella; without any of you Pa’lante Latino would not be where it is today.

Remember the dream! Gracias y Pa’lante!


2 Responses to “The Social Media Influence of Martin Luther King Jr.”

  1. Love it! People will respond to good content and what you posted was good content. You never know who will see that content, and once it a while, you get blackjack. THAT is social media. Awesome!

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