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Celebrating 168 Years of Sovereignty: The Dominican Republic

By Victoria Cepeda The Dominican Republic, where I was born, is a country that along with Haiti shares the island of Hispaniola. It was the first area in the New World to receive the full imprint of Spanish colonial policy. The oldest cathedral, monastery, and hospital in the Americas were established there. Also charted in Santo […]

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Five Artists We Didn’t Know Were Half Latino

This morning I came across an article titled ” The 25 Most Beautiful Afro-Latinos in Hollywood!” by I was surprised to find out that the  five artists I am featuring are half Latino. Whether they identify themselves as Latino or not is a whole separate matter but, nonetheless, we are glad to share our Latino heritage […]

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Juano Hernández: Pioneer In The African-American Film Industry

  Every now and then we bump into facts about Latinos that are unknown to the majority of us, mostly because the events have long taken place and no one cares to “dig stuff up” or because it is inconvenient to divulge.  As a result, we are sort of “cheated” out being credited with significant contributions to, in this […]

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