Teofilo Ruiz & Ramón Saldívar Receive 2011 National Humanities Medal

By Victoria Cepeda

Today, in a ceremony at the White House, Cuban-American Professor Teofilo Ruiz and Chicano Professor Ramón Saldívar received the 2011 National Humanities Medal from President Obama.

In a time where Latino young men experience the hightest high school drop out rate as well as the lowest college enrollment and graduation rates among minorities, it’s comforting and encouraging to see Ruiz and Saldívar being recognized for their work in academia. They certainly are an example that hard work pays off regardless of the chosen field.  While not everyone can go on to achieve such high academic achievements, we know that many students out there would feel inspired and motivated to stay in school. At least that’s what we ultimately hope to convey by sharing this news.

The White House has listed below the reasons why Ruiz and Saldívar are among this year’s recipients and we wanted to share with you their achievement that, by proxy, it’s also ours.

Teofilo Ruiz – for his inspired teaching and writing. His erudite studies have deepened our understanding of medieval Spain and Europe, whilehis long examination of how society has coped with terror has taught important lessons about the dark side of western progress.

Bio  of Teofilo F. Ruiz

Teofilo Ruiz receiving the 2011 National Humanities Medal from President Obama.

Ramón Saldívar – for his bold explorations of identity along the border separating the United States and Mexico. Through his studies of Chicano literature and the development of the novel in Europe and America, he beckons us to notice the cultural and literary markings that unite and divide us. 

Bio of  Ramón Saldívar

Ramón Saldívar receiving the 2011 National Humanities Medal from President Obama.

Source: Whitehouse.gov

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2 Responses to “Teofilo Ruiz & Ramón Saldívar Receive 2011 National Humanities Medal”

  1. I give the two Latino gentlemen their props for all they have achieved. But as for the president , well we all know that he is doing all this just to win the Latino vote for this upcoming election.

  2. Dear Eclipse Diaz,

    If you read their bios you will understand that it’s all based on merit, not politics. The awards were handed out to several folks of different fields of the humanities and sciences et at. Also, since its insertion, the Humanities Award is given to folks that distinguish themselves in that field in Academia. Thus, let us give credit where credit is due and leave politics to politicians and experts on that field.

    Our young men need role models not guinea pigs as you are alluding these men to be. Lastly, it is offensive to believe that Latinos would be impressed by these awards when it comes to voting on issues that this President is campaigning on. I would like to believe that we’re smarter than that.

    Otherwise, thanks for your comment.

    Victoria Cepeda

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