Santiago, DR Cancer Patients Find An Advocate in Carlos Anaya

At the Patronato Cibaeño Contra El Cancer in the city of Santiago de los Caballeros in the Dominican Republic, most cancer patients have little hope of receiving breakthrough treatments that could lead to remission. Most of the doctors, nurses and staff are unpaid and/or volunteer to help the locals cope with their illnesses.

It is because of the various needs for outfitting the hospital with beds, linen, equipment and so forth that we are creating a “buzz” to help this non-profit center in Santiago on behalf of Carlos Anaya.

Colombian born Carlos Anaya is a multi-media producer and journalist whose resume includes work with NBCUniversal, Telemundo and a soon-to-be released special for PBS titled LGBT Latino Leadership, the first of its kind. After successfully completing the Milagros Day fundraiser back in December 2011, to raise awareness against Domestic Violence, Carlos was contacted to  become the spokesperson and advocate for the Patronato Cibaeño. He did not think twice about lending his time, enthusiasm and drive despite the challenges this project poses because of its geographic location (not in the U.S.). As “Cancer can afflict us all regardless of where we live or economic status, I just had to help”, said Carlos during our meeting.

In order to kickstart the fundraiser in the the U.S., we would like to bring the director of the center, Antony Sabala, to talk about the need of the center for possible angel donors. However, this work is a labor of love and the resources are nil. As such, we are looking for sponsors and charitable contributors to help with monetary donations or items/equipment for the hospital. All contributors will automatically be listed as sponsors and become part of this huge project to bring hope and better care to these cancer patients in the Dominican Republic. The sponsor will pay for the expenses directly to the vendor and retain receipts.

Let’s help these cancer stricken people by opening our hearts and generosity. Feel free to forward this among your contacts. Any questions can be sent to or

We leave you with an interview that Carlos Anaya and Antony Sabala participated in on a national TV channel in Santiago to promote their cause.


Pa’lante is proud and honored to be a part of this noble endevour.


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