The Impact of Charity: Head of Cancer Center Creates Synergies in NYC.

By Victoria Cepeda

Although Journalist and Multimedia Producer Carlos Anaya is always hard at work at red carpet events, such as the Latin Billboards Awards, or supervising the content as Managing Editor for My Lifestyle Magazine, he remains committed to creating  social awareness for the less fortunate.  His latest endeavour takes him to El Patronato. a cancer clinic in Santiago, Dominican Republic. At El Patronato thousands of patients receive medical attention every year.

After our initial outreach to the community in late March, Anaya successfully created synergies in New York and established a network of “angels” that rose to the challenge.

Consequently, it is thanks to all of our “angels” a.k.a. sponsors and financial contributors,  that we were able to bring, this past April, the director of El Patronato Mr. Antony Sabala to New York City. Carlos and Antony had the pleasure to be part of a meet and greet with Ms. Josie Guzman who is the director  of Mount Sinai Hospital.  The purpose of the meeting was to explore working together in the near future.   Our sincere gratitude to Arminda Figueroa, from Latin2Latin, for helping us set this productive meeting.

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Further synergies were also created with Telemundo’s Al Amanecer con Jackie Show and Dr. Ramon Tallaj who donated a  truck fully equipped with machines to perform mammographies to El Patronato.  Although we are still in the process of finding out the logistics to ship the truck to Santiago, from New York, it is a great benefit to the clinic.

The Bible says “give and ye shall receive”. The Law of Reciprocity states “give and take mutually.”  Karma talks about “Cause and effect.” All of these doctrines share a common thread: in order to implement contribution, there must be a recipient.   Carlos’ friend, Ms. Dawn Diaz from the Milagros Day Worldwide Foundation, has created a formula to illustrate this cycle and its impact on an individual. Contribution+Gratitude = Abundance, thus:
  • Give from your heart
  • Be in alignment with your purpose
  • Genuinely appreciate what you already have
  • Be prepared to receive gracefully all that is bestowed upon you

Once again, a world of thanks for all of our “embajadores de esperanzas” (ambassadors of hope).   Carlos Anaya will be in Santiago, Dominican Republic from April 30 until May 8.  For more information or to contribute to El Patronato,  please contact or

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