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Historical Latin Americans: Mexican Poet Amado Nervo

By Efrain Nieves Juan Crisóstomo Ruiz De Nervo, known by his pseudonym Amado Nervo, was born on August 27th 1870 and is known as one of the most important Mexican poets of the 19th century. Nervo also served as the Mexican Ambassador to Argentina and Uruguay from 1918 until his death on May 24th, 1919. Photo courtesy of […]

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Historical Latin Americans: Subcomandante Marcos

By Victoria Cepeda The decade of the 90’s brought us, out of Mexico,  an enigmatic, controversial and outspoken leader or “guerillero“, if you’d like. Subcomandante Marcos rose to become the leader of the Zapatista movement. He sought to deffend the rights of the indigenous people of Chiapas, Mexico. His following was immense as he brought […]

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Historical Latin Americans: Poet Jose Angel Buesa

By Victoria Cepeda While dusting my book shelf, I bumped into a little book of poetry that I have had since I was teenager. It was “Oasis” (Havana, 1943) by one of my all time favorite poets  Jose Angel Buesa.   Born in Las Cruces, Cuba in 1910 and died in exile in the Dominican Republic in […]

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