Historical Latin Americans: Subcomandante Marcos

By Victoria Cepeda

The decade of the 90’s brought us, out of Mexico,  an enigmatic, controversial and outspoken leader or “guerillero“, if you’d like. Subcomandante Marcos rose to become the leader of the Zapatista movement. He sought to deffend the rights of the indigenous people of Chiapas, Mexico. His following was immense as he brought the plight of indigenous people to the forefront of international news.


While his detractors disregarded him as a middle class kid who was eager for attention, most of the world reserves for him a privilege spot in history.

Herewith is, in his own words, what his movement was all about.

Would his plight still be relevant today?

Would he be effective in brokering a dialogue between Mexico/US/Narcos?

What is, in your opinion, Marco’s greatest contribution (or mistake) in the context of Latin American history?

Where is he today?


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