Proud of Who We Are!

Written by Scarlett Letters

Our culture.

Our skin colors.

Our language.

Our food.

The music we have grown up listening to.

Dancing in the living room while our mothers, aunts, and grandmother cook.

The history that they carry.

The knowledge they gave us to bring ourselves up.

Our flag that reminds us that we are not weak.

Our people who beat the odds, made history, and proved that we are more than a  statistic.

This I know.

Our flag is more than a flag.

Our flag is INSPIRATION.

Our flag represents HISTORY.

Our flag WAVES HIGH!

Our flag proves that we are CAPABLE of ANYTHING!

Viva Puerto Rico !

Pa’lante Latino showcases current events in the arts, entertainment, politics, and culture as it affects our community. Above all, we are ferocious advocates of the contributions that Hispanics/Latinos have made to the United States and feature articles based on historical facts to reaffirm our relevance.Please feel free to email us at


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