Vegetarian Lifestyle – Tips To A Healthier Living

By Victoria Cepeda

Journalist Carlos Anaya, Managing Editor of MY Lifestyle Magazine, hosted this past Friday the kickoff of in New York City. This is an educational program created with the hopes to promote savory and healthy Vegetarian dishes within the Latino community. Vegetarians swear by the abundance of food choices that leads to a much improved health. The event was sponsored by the nonprofit Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM), an organization that boasts more than 10,000 doctors as its members nationwide.

Proud Vegan Carlos Anaya

The free Spanish-Language Nutrition Seminar and Cooking Demo had as objective to show Latinos/Hispanics the types of foods that help boost metabolism and fight disease. In other words, an ultimate road map to weight-loss, healthier heart and lower risk of diabetes.

Carlos Anaya is proud to be part of the national campaign for Vegan Celebrity Latinos including TV personality Marco Regil, Celebrity Trainer Marco Borges among others. Cooking instructor Jennie Steinhagen provided free food and nutrition education during the event. Carlos, enthusiastically, provided those in attendance with valuable tips on the benefits of a vegetarian lifestyle based on his own experience.

“I was honored to be part of the national campaign a program that will help thousands of Latinos to choose healthy eating and be more conscious about their food choices, a calling that it is so important in our community. As a proud vegan Latino, I say “yes” to a buena salud!”  said Anaya.

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Photo Gallery:

1- Dr. Aurora Leon, Carlos Anaya, Dr. Juaquin Carral

2- Jimmy Aponte, Ambassador for Tumeric Drink  and Carlos Anaya

3- Chef Jennifer Herrera, Celebrity Trainer Ben Bailey, Cooking Instructor Jennie Steinhagen, Carlos Anaya, Carlos Mayorga – Managing Editor of MY Lifestyle Magazine, Jimmy Aponte – Ambassador Tumeric Drink.


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4 Responses to “Vegetarian Lifestyle – Tips To A Healthier Living”

  1. I just finished making a vegan soup for this cool day. I thought I’d run out of recipes for my vegan son and then i came across your email, leading me to new resources.

    Vegan celebrity Latinos-so interesting as is the 21 day challenge.

  2. thanks for the support! Carlos Anaya

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