Entrepeneurial Latinas: Angelia Cabrera’s Jewelry Carves A Niche In The Fashion Industry.

by Victoria Cepeda

We often read about famous Latinos/as that have made it big or whose track record have contributed to our history.  While there is nothing wrong about supporting and promoting our notable and newsworthy gente we should also recognize the efforts and hard work of our local Latino “empresarios”. They are the local business owners  with whom we come in contact with everyday that often employ many of our family and friends. In other words,  the engine of our local economies.

Angelia Cabrera, our entrepreneurial Latina of the week, has established a well known name brand in fashion jewelry with SoTrendee Inc.  Cabrera, a New York native that hails  from a conservative Dominican family, grew up in the Bronx.    During the summers she typically worked at her parents’ Bodega  with her mind set on higher education.  As such, Angelia went on to graduate from SUNY’s Empire State College in 2003 and is now the President & CEO of So Trendee Inc.

Angelia Cabrera

“I started this as a side business, I had a 9-5 job and would host jewelry parties on the weekends. My revenue was of about $500 per month but business picked up and I was able to quit my 9-5.

Today Angelia’s star is on the rise.  Her eye catching and trendy jewelry designs have been well received in the fashion industry and revenues enable her to provide for her family with what once was a “side business.”  Ms. Cabrera attributes her success to her hard work and determination.

Failure is a word that doesn’t exist in my dictionary. I never stop trying. Any woman, regardless of their background has the capacity to succeed. It doesn’t matter how impossible it may seem, with hard work, focus, and determination anything is possible. When choosing which collections to feature, I’m always influenced by my culture adding bright tropical colors. I am in the midst of expanding my business to California, Texas, Florida, the Dominican Republic among other markets.”  

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So Trendee, Inc has partnered with Carla Haze, CEO & Founder of Face of Fashion and a graduate of Parson’s School of Fashion, to help promote So Trendee’s jewelry in the fashion industry.  Cabrera has also showcased her work  at the  Caribbean Fashion & Expo in NY and collaborated with another self-starter Shana Joseph of Glamorous Chicks Cosmetics.

Angelia recognizes how lucky she has been and makes it a point to give back to her community.  A few of her favorite non-for-profit are Dress for Success, Astrea Organization and PETA. In the aftermath of Sandy’s destruction, Angelia volunteered, along with the Bronx Women’s Business Resource Center, to help with relief efforts for the victims. Way to go Angelia!

By the way, on November 24th, we can all help support local businesses, like So Trendee, through the Small Business Saturday campaign.

We wish Angelia Cabrera continued success and thank her for her support of our humble page.  It’s by supporting each other that we grow. Pa’lante!

Pa’lante Latino showcases current events in the arts, entertainment, politics, and culture as it affects our community. Above all, we are ferocious advocates of the contributions that Hispanics/Latinos have made to the United States and feature articles based on historical facts to reaffirm our relevance.Please feel free to email us at info@palantelatino.com.


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