Mexican Actress Vicky Araico Gives Immigrants A Voice In The UK.

By Victoria CepedaVicky Araico

Vicky Araico Casas is a down to earth theater actress that oozes confidence, purpose and pride of her Mexican roots.  She is the kind of person  that makes you feel lucky to be in her circle because 1) you will learn something valuable from her experience and 2) join her cause.  Above all, she is intent on making a difference and giving Latino immigrants a voice in the United Kingdom.

After majoring in Law from the Escuela Libre de Derecho in Mexico City, Araico Casas had a change of heart and heeds the calling of her heart to go into acting. It’s then, that she enrolls in UNAM’s Centro de Teatro and eventually, through a grant from the Mexican government, goes on to the Central School of Speech & Drama in the U.K. where she earns a Master’s degree in Movement.

Through her one woman show called Juana In A Million , inspired by a report by the Latin American Women’s Rights Service (LAWRS), Araico Casas portrays a young Mexican immigrant that refuses to become invisible.   We are very excited, and honored, to showcase Vicky Araico’s stellar path from Mexico to the UK.

Hear from Vicky as she tells us about her quest, goals and inspiration during our interview.

Let us show support by promoting her play in the hopes to see it on stage, in the U.S.,  real soon.

Winner of the 2012 Fringe Festival Award

“An engaging slice of life.” – The Guardian

“…this is a beautiful piece of physical theatre, featuring a remarkable performance from Araico Casas.” – The Telegraph

You will leave Juana in a Million feeling shell-shocked and, perhaps, angry. This emotional tale of South American immigrant Juana is told with utter conviction and beautiful flare by Vicky Araico Casas.” – The Stage.

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¡Pa’lante siempre Vicky!

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