Picture of the Day: Divided by a Fence

By Victoria Cepeda

Looking at the front cover of today’s NYT (paper) is a stark reminder of the human toll that undocumented immigration leaves in families, particularly children and young adults such as our Dreamers.

DREAM-REFER-articleLarge (1)

Photo courtesy of NYTimes.com

Families do not chose to be poor or displaced by governments that fail them.

While our politicians debate and attempt to reach an agreement as to which is the best proposal to deal with the 11 million undocumented people living in the U.S.A., thousands of families would have been torn apart. Thousands of families would have been discriminated, taunted and traumatized. Some  may even fall victim of violent attacks at the hands of zealots and bigots for the mere fact of looking undocumented.

If we cannot agree on the best immigration reform proposal, let us at least remember that we are talking about familias de carne y hueso. Their pain and sacrifices too prominent to be undermined/underrated.

Let’s keep pounding.



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