The Power of Latino Leadership by Juana Bordas

By Victoria Cepeda

Few times will you come across a book that will lay down the foundations of our history while outlining a clear path to building leadership skills than when reading Juana Bordas‘ highly acclaimed and widely endorsed masterpiece “The Power of Latino Leadership.”  It’s the Latino essential guide on how to lead effectively.


“Latinos are acculturating, not assimilating . A cultural revitalization is occurring.” – J. Bordas.

Ms. Bordas, as a prominent leadership and motivational speaker with an extensive career track serving and empowering her community, tells us that  knowing one’s history is an invaluable trait of successful Latino leaders.  Obtaining a thorough understanding of who we are and where we come from only strengthens the leadership skills that most of us have inherited from our hardworking familias. Given that Latino leaders stem from “we vs. I” communities, the approach to leading is by inclusion, activism, advocacy, gratitude and representation.

As a matter of fact, it’s in our collective best interest to be fully cognizant of the sacrifices, political activism and achievements that we owe to our families and leaders such as Cesar Chavez, Dolores Huerta, Arturo Schomburg and Rodolfo “Corky” Gonzalez to name a few. No one can make us feel inferior when we’re armed with knowledge.

Charismatic, influential and tenacious Latino leaders such as Hilda Solis, Carlos Orta, Janet Murguía, Federico Peña, among others, also lend their voice and experience illustrating the “Si se puede” aspect of our people.


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10 Latino Leadership Principles

  1. Personalismo – The Character of the Leader that earns trust and respect.
  2. Conciencia – Knowing oneself and personal awareness. Resolve discrimination and exclusion issues and develop a secure cultural identity. Know your cultural assets.
  3. Destino – Life path. Open the door when opportunity knocks.
  4. La Cultura – Be “simpatico/a”. Exercise respect, honesty and generosity. Establish personal ties and be part of the familia.
  5. De Colores – Hispanics/Latinos are the only ones that self identify on the census and are connected to 26 countries.  Help forge a collective identity from diversity.
  6. Juntos – Leadership is conferred by the community.
  7. ¡Adelante! – Latinos are a prototype for global leadership.  Strengthen cultural self awareness. Address immigration as a civil rights and advocacy issue.
  8. Sí Se Puede – Be a cultural broker and build partnerships with other groups. Build networks, be inclusive, and forge coalitions.

Thanks to Condor Book Tours for sending us a courtesy copy that has allowed us to conduct this candid review.  ¡Mil gracias! to Juana Bordas for writing such a motivational book.

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