Mexico & U.S. Most Obese Countries. Let’s Break Trend.

By Victoria Cepeda

It is no secret that the lesser the income, the higher the likelihood of families to opt for cheaper meal alternatives such as those offered by fast food chains. Thereby increasing their chances of becoming overweight or obese.  Let’s add  the fact that we are cooking less at home and the trend is towards unhealthy “quick fix” eating.

Today we read that Mexico has topped the list of fattest countries in the world. Some of the reasons cited are below.

  • Around 70 percent of Mexican adults are now classified as overweight
  • Diabetes affects one in every six adults
  • Only 10 per cent overweight in 1989 – before fast food was widely available
  • The young and poor are the worst-affected groups

Read more here.

What can we do to break this alarming trend?

  1. Make a pledge to cook healthier meals at home and walk more. Every little effort counts.
  2. Reclaim a healthier lifestyle and start by reducing the times per week spending our money at a fast food joint. Why reduce vs eliminate? Because everything in moderation brings satisfaction and balance to our lives.
  3. Find healthy recipe options such as the ones at Recetas Saludables Latinas.

Family Enjoying meal,mealtime Together

Photo credit: PR Neswire

¡Buen provecho!

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