North Bergen’s Mayor Sacco & Commissioner Hugo Cabrera Please Help Keep Our Park Area Clean.

This is an open letter to Mayor Sacco -North Bergen, NJ – and Parks & Recreation Commissioner Mr. Hugo Cabrera.

Dear Mr. Sacco & Mr. Cabrera: 

As lifelong residents of North Bergen and, ones that reside right across from the newly renovated children’s park on 79th Street, thanks for providing our young ones with a refreshing and safer playground.


However, as it surely is the case with most type of community recreation areas, along with the opening of the playground came extreme littering and an even more slim parking spaces. Granted the littering is due to the lack of concern for the upkeep of the surrounding grounds, that some visitors exhibit, than by the town’s lack of providing maintenance but it’s still worth bringing to your attention. Walking our kids along the sidewalk or the grass has become a challenge as bags of trash sit for a couple of days at a time. Saturdays & Sundays turn our street into dumping grounds. From uncollected dog’s waste to dirty diapers. Can the town provide us with a fun and clean area for residents and visitors to enjoy?


As it stands, we seem to have no alternative than watch our street fill with trash and being unable to park for most of the day. Please let me know where to submit pictures. While we welcome anyone willing to safely and responsibly enjoy the park, we are appealing to you to assist in maintaining some order. As property owners we pay, what it seems to be endless taxes, and only ask that our neighborhood be respected and kept clean.

Thank you,
Efrain Nieves
Victoria Cepeda

Submitted to & published by the Hudson Reporter

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