Recognizing Latina Activists and Artists: Manzano, Gómez & Anzaldúa

Sonia Manzano Award winning actress, born in 1950 in Linwood, NJ and raised in South Bronx, NY. She is better  known as Maria the first Latino character cast for Sesame Street.  A graduate of Carnegie Mellon University, Ms. Manzano has also written several scripts for the show and won fifteen Emmy’s for doing so. Among her other countless accomplishments is the writing of children’s books such as No Dogs Allowed! (Simon & Schuster) featured on General Mills in 2005 for their Spoonful of Stories initiative.



Marsha Gómez, Sculptor, 1951-1998 born in New Orleans, LA of Choctaw and Oaxacan descent. One of her greatest contributions was her signature Native American pottery art which she used to call attention to social injustices in her community.  Her most prominent sculpture is the “Madre del Mundo”. She co-founded the Indigenous Women’s National Network to provide resources and share technical skills. She directed Alma de Mujer Center for Social Change.


Photo: Kay Keys

Gloria Anzaldúa, 1942-2004 – was a scholar born in the Rio Grande Valley, TX. She self described herself as a “mestiza, Chicana, Tejana, dyke, feminist, cultural theorist, third world warrior, and patlache poet”. Ms. Anzaldúa did not allow the fact that her dissertation work, on Chicano and feminist studies, was not accepted by the University of Texas stop her quest for equal rights. She went on to co-author  This Bridge Called My Back: Radical Writings by Women of Color (1981) considered one of the first books to grant authority to lesbian voices.


Photo: Poetry Foundation

Great Texan Women

Poetry Foundation

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2 Responses to “Recognizing Latina Activists and Artists: Manzano, Gómez & Anzaldúa”

  1. This is great info. I knew about Sonia, through my sister, who had originally auditioned for Sesame St. This is the first time I have actually heard about Marsha, and Gloria. Thank you. Blessings.

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