About Us

Since August 2010, when we created Pa’lante Latino, we have researched and shared with our fans our “Latinidad,” within the context of the US, not on the periphery of it. We have also shared our history, our cultural contributions and our historical figures. We also share info on anyone that we consider an example of persistence and determination. Yet, we have only scratched the surface.

Thus, as fervent advocates of the forward thinking people that Latinos are, it is our goal to provide the world with proof of our innovation and resilience. The byproduct: to arm our kids with the sound fact that we ARE relevant, that we STAND strong and that we WON’T be cast aside.

We are not just brown, black or white, we are a collective of people who profess their pride for their heritage without undermining the great opportunities that this nation has given us. We HAVE worked very hard to earn our place in this country. Unfortunately, for many before us “equality” came at a price because bigotry and prejudice have victimized many of our people. Fortunately, as history is our witness, our footprints in this nation and continent are too prominent for anyone to attempt to erase it.

We are proud “de nuestra gente” and will not waste a single second in playing to the stereo types that puts us in a “category”. That is why we’re sharing this album with you today. Use it as a quick reference of our achievements. Be proud. Pa’lante siempre.

Pa’lante Latino showcases current events in the arts, entertainment, politics, and culture as it affects our community. Above all, we are ferocious advocates of the contributions that Hispanics/Latinos have made to the United States and feature articles based on historical facts to reaffirm our relevance.Please feel free to email us at info@palantelatino.com.


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