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In Utah, Polygamy in the Name of Jesus Christ

By Victoria Cepeda Sister Wives, on TLC , showcases the lives of the Brown Family. On its first episodes the show,  that initially was met with controversy and criticism, features Kody Brown as he embraces his polygamists tendencies and lets America join him along to witness his struggles with a practice that is common among Fundamentalist Mormons. All in the name […]

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The Similarities Between the Egyptian and Puerto Rican Protests

 by Christina T. Saenz The world is watching as the Egyptian people reclaim their government. They are demanding for the president to step down after 30 years of being in power and citing his regime as antithesis to democracy. However, just two hours away by plane from Miami is Rio Piedras—a university town suburb of […]

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Video: Christine O’Donnell Skeptic of First Amendment

Written by Efrain Nieves Every once in a while something happens where we get a good laugh. In this case Christine O’Donnell is just not up to par with the Constitution of the United States. The same Constitution the tea party favorite claims to not be upheld by the present administration. Watch how Chris Coons […]

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