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Fresh Daisies

Written by Efrain Nieves A year has past, Mnemonic inception, Fresh as daisies growing in an open plain. Encircling, perennial Lasting throughout the ages. Love, The speeding train, Running through our veins. Every heartbeat calls your name. Every moment away is a lifetime. A year has past, No unsettling distortions, Fresh as daisies growing in […]

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Mundos de Mestizaje Fresco to Adorn Albuquerque’s Torreón Tower

Written by Victoria Cepeda After nine years of arduous work, Santa Fe born and raised artist Federico Vigil has managed to capture our Latino/Hispanic history from the Old Word to the present in what is considered to be the largest concave fresco in the nation. Standing at 4,400 square foot this masterpiece will adorn the terra-cotta Torreón Tower at […]

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John Gascot: Latin Pop Shop

John spent the first twelve years of his life in Puerto Rico, a fact to which he attributes his love of bold color. His work, in particular the Latin Pop series, combines the visual, literal, lyrical and musical. The female form dominates a vast majority of his canvases. Their bodies are curvaceous and large, but […]

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