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Organic Love

by Bernice Sosa-Izquierdo Before the children awake In between white sheets, adorned in blue they meet. Creeping, compliant and limber. Climbing over, under and in between opportunities with contortionist skill. Battling life obstacles desiring a chance to renew the vows of their magic, mantra, sutra love. ¡Se adoran! Pero, de esto, a veces se olvidan. […]

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The Harlequin

by Inimitable V. Cristina I take joy in bringing a smile to someone’s day It makes me feel better sometimes I say You sit there being sad and lonely, Life bringing you yet another surprise But what I can’t control in my life, often times I can in others To make it so no pain […]

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Lo Que Ella Dice vs. Lo Que El Entiende

by Victoria Cepeda and Efrain Nieves As it is often the case, while researching on potential topics to write about, I bumped into an article titled “10 Signs that He Has Fallen in Love with you”, or something along those lines. Though not one prone to follow advice seen on cheesy columns, I admit that this […]

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