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Looking Beyond Egos: The Story of Lupe Valdez

by Efrain Nieves Lupe Valdez’s accomplishments can be called anything but easy.  Because of her incomparable career in law enforcement, she became one of the most  successful Latinas across the country. Valdez lectured at the McAllister Fine Arts Center on October 12th about her experiences of criticism and racism. Valdez’s strength and aspiration deserves the time of any Latino blogger […]

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Who Cares if Sexuality is Nature or a Choice?

Written by Christina T. Saenz Many of my Latino friends are usually surprised to learn that I don’t care if sexuality is biological or not. When I tell them that I don’t care, they accuse me of being a right-winger or being anti-gay rights but little do they realize that their obsession over the search […]

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Paladino’s Speech Proves Intolerance

Written by Efrain Nieves What is it about some politicians? They don’t seem to be in touch with mainstream America anymore, or have they ever? Paladino is no exception specifically with his latest remarks against the gay community. Here are his words quoted from his moronic speech. “I just think my children and your children […]

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