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Martin Luther King Jr Begins March from Selma to Montgomery, Alabama

One of the most pivotal events in African-American history was the march led by Martin Luther King Jr. from Selma to Montgomery, Alabama. Here is a timeline as written on history.com: In the name of African-American voting rights, 3,200 civil rights demonstrators, led byMartin Luther King Jr., begin a historic march from Selma, Alabama, to the state […]

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What Martin Luther King Jr. Did for the Latino Civil Rights Movements

By Christina Saenz    Martin Luther King, Jr, is celebrated as a hero of African Americans and minorities as a whole.  The Black Civil Rights Movement spurred the Latinoist Movements, such as the Cesar Chavez’s farmworkers’ protests and inspiring Nuyorican activist Gilberto Gerena-Valentin.  He has been framed as an inspiration for the Latinoist 1960s movements but, however, MLK was more than an […]

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The Memory of Martin Luther King Jr.

By Efrain Nieves   African-Americans and Latinos are related not only by ancestors but also by experiences. We also experienced the stereotype, racism and profiling as those of our African-American brothers and sisters unfortunately had to endure. It was in those times when I embraced the legacy and ideology of Martin Luther King Jr. I learned how the words and actions […]

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