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O’Reilly vs Obama: 0-1

Written by Victoria Cepeda Bill O’Reilly, a man in the business of giving opinions, is not shy about letting us know where he stands on issues. Even if you are not a fan or could care less about what O’Reilly has to say, one thing seems clear, the man believes to have a darn good […]

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Latinos Reshaping Texas’ Political Future

by Victor Landa of NewsTaco.com Ask most people who aren’t from Texas what they think about the state and the people from it, and you’ll get a pretty stereotypical response: Boots and trucks, boasts and guns, Republicans and rednecks. Truth is we’ve got some of those, usually in the same package and more than likely […]

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Birthright Citizenship: America’s Sazón

by Efrain Nieves The latest hot topic has become birthright citizenship. Opponents are coming out with their revision of the Amendment. Senators Rand Paul (KY) and David Vitter (LA) wants to deny babies born to undocumented immigrants automatic citizenship.  Their proposal, only babies born in the United States who have at least one parent who […]

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