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Is Obama’s Puerto Rico Visit A PR Move?

By Efrain Nieves There has been some criticism towards President Obama’s future visit to Puerto Rico.  For example, Juan Gonzalez of the New York Daily News titled his article “President Obama’s upcoming trip to Puerto Rico is a PR move.”  Gonzalez suggests Obama is only making  trip “to offer Latino voters many reasons to support his reelection effort.” But […]

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“Give Me Your Tired, Your Poor” By Emma Lazarus

By Victoria Cepeda The late Jewish-American poet Emma Lazarus wrote “The New Colossal” in 1883. It is a poem, that  just as the statue she was honoring, would become  synonymous of liberty and a beacon of hope.   One hundred and twenty eight years later, The Statue of Liberty remains a symbol of protection for the displaced, the hungry and the poor of all walks […]

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O’Reilly vs Obama: 0-1

Written by Victoria Cepeda Bill O’Reilly, a man in the business of giving opinions, is not shy about letting us know where he stands on issues. Even if you are not a fan or could care less about what O’Reilly has to say, one thing seems clear, the man believes to have a darn good […]

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