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Dear Katt Williams: Your Mexican Rant Was an Abuse of Comedy and Insulted Latinos, We Demand an Apology

Originally posted on Latinorebels.com Dear Katt Williams: Really? We understand that the heckler you so unabashedly talked down to and insulted might have been in your face, but did you have to break the cardinal rule of abusing the power of the stage and the microphone to make your point? As performers, bloggers, activists, and people who believe in INCLUSION, RESPECT, […]

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The Burden of Truth: A Latino’s Perspective

 For every politican who defends the Latino community there is a critic calling foul. David Green, states in his article Amnesty for illegals will burden system  that “President Barack Obama is planning to ignore Congress and the will of the people by granting illegal amnesty to millions of illegal immigrants using “administrative measures.” However, many of […]

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Email from Substitute Teacher Stereotypes Latino Students

by Efrain Nieves Arizona State Senate President Russell Pierce received an email from substitute teacher Tony Hill calling Latino students ” gangbangers and gangsters.” The letter sparked a heated debate  and call for an apology after Republican Sen. Lori Klein read  the offensive email on the floor of the Senate last week. After reading the email I also found […]

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