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“Life” by Flow Rivera

The future is filled with bright and talented youth and we must support them.  Here is a great piece about life written by 16-year-old “Flow” Rivera, enjoy.        So what is life? Fame and fortune ? Not necessarily. Each and every one of us has a different story. A different meaning for life. Some of […]

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Puerto Rican Obituary

By Bernice Sosa-Izquierdo Beautifully documented is the classic Puerto Rican Obituary – a peek into the struggles and misfortunes our parents experienced upon arriving to the new land: the story of perseverance despite adversity and exploitation. No one could capture and recount our story like the great Reverend Pedro Pietri. My father was the first to […]

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Gothic Poetry Event

Evento de poesía gótica: The Gothic Caravan Para poetas del género gótico Convocatoria: Se estarán llevando audiciones para poetas del género gótico para formar parte del evento en vivo de poesía “The Gothic Caravan”. Este será presentado a finales del mes de octubre en el SOS Burger & Restaurant en Cataño, Puerto Rico. Los interesados […]

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