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Expert Tips on Effective Proofreading

By Victoria Cepeda I read this article and could not help but remember a really effective English teacher that I had in high school. Her name was Ms. Kleiman. She made grammar and sentence structuring fun and non-convoluted. After all, most of her students were non-native speakers, like me. The below tips, I’ve extracted from “Reader’s Lament” […]

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Writing Our Lives Workshop

by Vanessa Martir In the backdrop of the controversial ban on ethnic studies, textbook wars and immigration legislation occurring in the American Southwest, we must use these circumstances to inspire and empower ourselves as Latinos/people of color. It’s time we put our stories down and write ourselves into the fabric of this nation. For so […]

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“Life” by Flow Rivera

The future is filled with bright and talented youth and we must support them.  Here is a great piece about life written by 16-year-old “Flow” Rivera, enjoy.        So what is life? Fame and fortune ? Not necessarily. Each and every one of us has a different story. A different meaning for life. Some of […]

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