by Bernice Sosa-Izquierdo


I write
Weaving letters into words, syllables into rhythms
Truth into my children’s personal history
I write.
In between daydreamed naps and chores, recipes and meals, educating
and entertaining my spawn,
in brief pauses between their giggles and cries,
I write.
Squeezing time out of hours that don’t exist
Juggling several projects at once so it seems as though not one is
ever really complete
I write.
In between texts, emails and the likes seeking and giving advice
Family, friends,
Children and a husband seeking love and attention
I write.
Nursing migraines induced by sleepless nights
Planning daily activities and meals, errands and appointments
Conciously correcting errs from previous days
I write.
Binging on life and purging its woes
Breathing in love and exhaling its wings
Submerging in guided mediations set to nature sounds and running streams
I write.
Personal notes
For myself
To myself
To others
For others: ghostwriter
Producing some of my best work with one eye semi open and the other fully closed
Convinced the part of my brain responsible for all this works best
when the head noise is asleep.
I write “to be” lists because “to do” lists no longer serve me.
I write “I own this” pieces because fantasy no longer does it for me.
I intentionally write subliminally, laying out my deepest darkest, in
hopes to quicker penetrate the heart of your cerebrum.
I write to breathe
To relax
To love
Heir of depression, anxiety, Dementia, Alzheimer’s
I write to let go of anger, in hopes to cut it loose from resentment tendencies.
I write to forgive
To cry
To laugh
To avoid panic
To have someone listen
To avoid hearing my own voice crack
To feel when I am numb
I write to seek spiritual freedom
I write because when I don’t, I prefer not to be around me
And I am the only one who can’t walk away.
I write because I cannot mourn the death of my soul once more.
I write because every time I do, the ink from my veins reincarnates my spirit
And I become whole again.”



by Christine-Jean Blain from her book “Lighting The Path Back Home



 I know the fire that burns inside you.

I, too, have tasted the

embers that have caused rivers to flow

from eyes sealed shut by sorrow.

If I could stretch my soul over the wounds

left by empty promises, I’d make you whole again.

Stitch proverbs to the inside of your hollowed dreams, and teach

your heart to hum the secret of your sacredness.

Let your tongue sing the Song of Solomon in two-part rhythm, so

each note would echo your worth, every verse vibrating wisdom…

And while you slept I would paint your horizon with smiles the

color of first kisses,

speak the words that would replace your tears with new born

innocence and teach you

how to trust again…

            how to live again…

                    how to love again…




 By Rock Wilk from his book ” A Harlem Love Story

My Heart 

My heart has been injured

There’s been some damage

It’s swollen

Has lost it’s shape

Now it’s round

Like a circle

And so I can’t seem to find where it


Or ends


And it’s tender to the touch


It needs protection

A bear protecting her cubs

I was born to be her mother

I would literally die for him

I never knew I could love like this

We’re a real family now



Adopted 3 kids

Save me the last piece of chocolate

hide it under me bed


These words are not enough

But now they’re all I have

I’m an amazing ending

I would never have expected that

You really had me going there

Now you didn’t!

Yes you did


My life is so well written

The perfect play

You can leave the theater and tell the


It’s clear

It makes sense

Not necessarily a happy ending

But just like real life


It’s real life

It’s real life

It’s non fiction

I am like poetry

A metaphor for this story


It’s beautifully sad sometimes

I can make you feel things

“Last night you made me uncomfortable

That’s how powerful your performance was”

See, I turn it all into beautiful art


We are mirrors

Reflecting on the same story

In a complete different way

Listening to the exact same song


We are magnificent

It hurts that much

Seems as I keep walking

I find new people

At the exact same place where I


Everyone else has left


It seems that this is my journey

And I”m grateul to have these words

Because I’ll turn it all into a

luminous song

A poem

A play

And we can share from 8-10

Every night


We’ll laugh together

Cry together



My heart just took a beating

You were worth it

I’m back in the cracks

In between


Sir Francis Drake

I circumnavigate the world


My heart has been injured

There’s some damage

It’s swollen

Has lost it’s shape Now it’s round

Like a circle

And so I can’t seem to find where it


Or ends
















14 Responses to “Voices”

  1. Wow! Very nice!!!!! I am passing this one on to all my “women-folk”, my wife and my two daughter’s!!! This is a voice our emerging women, young and old, need to hear!

  2. Very nice. Good job!

  3. Bernice Sosa- Izquierdo Reply December 4, 2010 at 12:08 AM

    “Negativity influences me to be better.
    I learn from all around me.
    I am Queen Elizabeth who did not need a King to rule her country.
    I am the one they talk about.
    The one they envy.
    The one they want to see fall
    but they don’t know of my strength.
    They have not been where I have been
    or seen what I have seen.
    I am the woman who stands before you.
    I Am Me!!”

  4. I hear a woman who is not defined by external factors but by her own account. Hereby is a woman owner of her present and future, ruled by others not a chance.

    A warrioress war cry. I loved it.

  5. This is an inspirational master piece ❤

  6. siguen pa’lante! write write write! it’s our sword, our paper our banner. let’s tell the world who we are and also who we are NOT!

    thank you, Forward Latino for giving us a platform on which to shout out into the world!

    blessings to you all, mi gente

  7. May these voices of beautiful Latina women continue to be shared and heard. Thank you Bernice and Amy for sharing with all of us these most beautiful parts of yourselves. For me, the greatest compliment I have ever received is being told that I am an inspiration. Now I tell you both thank you for inspiring me.

    Con mucho amor, Nancy.

  8. Bernice Sosa- Izquierdo Reply January 21, 2011 at 9:36 PM

    Bomba y Nancy,
    No les puedo describir el poder tras sus palabras. ¡Muchísimas gracias por su apoyo!

  9. omg,,ke diosito bendiga sus mentes mis santas !! sabor extraordinario ke proviene de la sangre de un millon de guerreras, calor humano ke nos provee una sustancia sutil y aguda- directa- y el grano tiene voces ke hablan de noche y de dia,,y sus espiritus nos suplen el pan de cada dia a travez de sus aza~as literales,, Bernice I was in goosebump heaven, I think Imo catch me a flight back home tomorrow, just to sentarme en “El Boricua” en Pi~ones y hartarme de alcapurria e jueye, arepitas de bacalao, mofongo de marisco(pa ke le hechen jueyes tambien) y lo mas importante las medallitas vestiitass de novias..!!!!!

  10. ohh!! bomba y plena como siempre en un jardin del eden de poesia,,son una gran inspiracion,,ke viva la poesia,,one love,,,

  11. nilda nieves-ferrer Reply January 27, 2011 at 8:19 AM

    i am so glad i came upon this site…Thank you and God Bless

  12. Beautiful piece by Rock, I too find myself hiding the last piece of chocolate.

  13. “We are mirrors

    Reflecting on the same story

    In a completely different way

    Listening to the same exact song”

    Truth! Great piece, Rock!


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