Republican Ad, En Español, Attempts to Sway Latino Voters

The trending topic in politics on Latinos is how both Democrat and Republicans are trying to get Latino votes for 2012. Republicans, love or hate them, have already started their TV ad campaigns. Some may argue that the ad hits valid points while detractors would call the ad another gimmick to fool Latino voters.

The topics mentioned in the ads are: immigration (of course), budget cuts affecting working families (scratching our head with this one since budget cuts became a Republican requirement in order to raise the debt ceiling) and Obama’s failure to delivered on his promises (blame the President for having concentrate on the healthcare reform and other initiatives that did not lead to job generating opportunities). Ah, let’s not forget sky high unemployment rates that Boehner promised he would reduce by creating opportunities for businesses to start hiring again. So in the end they all messed up.

As usual, political ads speak half truths conveniently communicated via earnest looking actors. For example, this ad says that Democrats want to raise taxes but don’t get specific. Well for starters Democrats want to raise taxes on the wealthy not on the middle class or low income families while Republicans adamantly refuse to raise taxes on their buddies and profitable corporations.

The enclosed TV ad, shows a graph reminding viewers there is more unemployed citizens and more debt than recent decades. As if highly affected Latinos needed Republicans to tell them. While there is no denying the country is in debt (as it has been for years in spite of the Tea Party blaming all U.S. debt on Obama) the fact of the matter is that Latinos need to vote with their best interest at hand. We should not allow political ads to fool us. Let us read up on the different plans on the table since it’s all public information. Let us cast our votes with an informed mind familia. We cannot continue to be a play card for political parties, we deserve respect.

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