Genia Nuñez’s The Cycle of the Seven Days of The Week

The talent pool in our community is infinite. So it is no surprise for us to bump into Genia I. Nuñez, a Civil Engineer and the creator of the outstanding children’s book The Cycle of the Seven Days of the Week. We would like to introduce you to her.

Genia I Nunez

“I believe that education is very important for our children. Being bilingual is more relevant than ever before.” 

1. How did the idea of writing an educational children’s book came about?

In the wake of observing how difficult it is for some children to grasp the concept of the days of the week. Comprehending why we refer to yesterday as X, tomorrow as Y and today as Z, for example, could be hard to grasp. The poster that I came up with, to help remedy this limitation via visualization, has become the cover of my book!

2. What’s the objective of writing The Cycle of the Seven Days of the Week?

The objective is to help children learn the days of the week in an easier and logical way. In addition to a different color the poster links each day of the week with a different activity. Therefore, I hope that my book serves to assist teachers and parents in teaching their students and children the days of the week in a creative and fun way.

The book’s three editions, English, Spanish and bilingual, are available via Amazon.

We are honored to have Ms. Nuñez among our Pa’lante familia.
Cycle of Seven Days
Written and illustrated by Genia I. Nuñez
Edited and translated by Genia Nuñez

¿Cómo nace la idea de escribir un libro educacional para niños de pre-kinder? 

La idea del Ciclo nace de observar la dificultad de algunos niños en memorizar los nombres de los días de la semana. Sobre todo de entender o visualizar el porque ayer se llama X, el mañana Y, y el hoy Z. Originalmente hice un cartel con los dibujos y después el libro surgió con las actividades. ¡El cartel es la portada del libro!

¿Cual es el objetivo e intención de su libro?

El objetivo e intención de mi libro es ayudar a que los niños aprendan los días de la semana de una manera fácil y lógica al visualizar la secuencia de los días mediante colores y actividades.

Pienso que la educación es muy esencial para nuestros niños y ser bilingüe es mas importante que nunca. Espero que mi libro ayude a maestros y a padres/madres cuando educan a los niños a aprender los dias de una manera creativa y divertida.

Hay tres ediciones, una español, una bilingüe (ingles/español) y otra en ingles solamente. Todas ediciones del libro están disponible atreves de Amazon.

Nos honra contar con la presencia de la Sra. Nuñez en Pa’lante.

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  1. It’s not easy to find multicultural bilingual books that teach educational concepts. Yours looks great for learning the days of the week. Thank you so much for linking up to Multicultural Children’s Book Day!

  2. We agree. Thanks for the feedback and support!

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