Supporting Latino Startups: Julio’s Café Presto

We’re always on the lookout for Latino entrepreneurs in our area so when we saw  Julio Leiva and Jennifer Arellano, from at the local farmer’s market earlier today brewing freshly pressed Nicaraguan style coffee we had to give it a try.

IMAG0539As we placed our order of cafe con leche and hot waffles with chocolate chips we witness first hand how startups are born. While Jennifer prepared the coffee using a traditional coffee press, Julio quickly prepared the waffle batter. Just as quickly Jennifer squeezed fresh orange juice. As their aromatic stand became too irresistible to ignore a line quickly formed around us with others seeking to satiate their palates.

You see, the couple has recently launched their startup business. Julio, who’s of Nicaraguan and Puerto Rican descent and his fiancee, Jennifer, who’s of Filipino descent  would like to first own a food truck  and eventually a restaurant. They hope to make it all possible via the “Start Something Challenge”  to obtain a grant.

Let’s give Julio and Jennifer a push by supporting their business, promoting their services and encouraging them to keep moving forward. Pa’lante!

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  1. Kudos to this couple. Hispanics need to support each other, no matter what country each is from. We have fought each other far too long. Envy has no place here. Encouragement, should be the order of the day. Good read. Blessings.

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